"RAO Rosneftegazstroy" JSC

RAO Rosneftegazstroy and its affiliated companies have production, technical and human resources that allow them to provide a full range of engineering services and implement major projects for the construction and reconstruction of oil and gas facilities and the industry through financial integration, corporate standards of the international level and the latest information technologies.

The developed internal and external infrastructure of RAO Rosneftegazstroy ensures effective reproduction of the financial and intellectual potential of the oil and gas industry, efficient management of the total production, financial and intellectual resources of shareholders and subsidiaries, allows the company to pursue an intensive policy in terms of developing new projects in which Rosneftegazstroy plays a leading role, is a catalyst for their development and performs work on favorable terms.

Keeping competence in implementing projects, RAO Rosneftegazstroy continues to act as the Managing Company for the implementation of construction programs for oil and gas, power, industrial and social facilities.

"RAO Rosneftegazstroy" is open for cooperation with representatives of Russian and international business on the basis of mutual respect and economic efficiency and in this respect is an exceptionally attractive strategic partner in the market of Russia, CIS and far abroad.

Russian Joint Stock Company Rosneftegazstroy is an engineering company of international level in the field of oil and gas and industrial civil construction on the territory of Russia and abroad.

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